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Today, two entirely unconnected people have drawn my attention to this:

Not sure where it came from, but it made me smile.

As a matter of fact, I think the Sheriff would be hell to live with, and that whole, "you, ten o'clock; you, ten fifteen" is not at all promising. Had he been dressed as Colonel Brandon, that would be a different matter.
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Today feels like Sunday. I suppose that is because I've had most of my weekend already.

It was all a bit last minute really, though it shouldn't have been. [livejournal.com profile] margotmetroland had got the tickets for last night's acoustic Oysterband gig at the Union Chapel a couple of months ago and I had planned to drive down in the morning, leave the car at Metroland, get the tube into town and wander around for a bit before going to meet Moz and [livejournal.com profile] drpete before the show. Then, earlier this week, my car developed a Suspicious Rattleā„¢ that, due to cancellations and rearrangements of various appointments, I did not have time to have dealt with, so the London plan was abandoned. It was only at about 11am yesterday morning that the train suddenly became a practical option, so I bought tickets, had a quick lunch with my mum on the way to the station and off I went.

[livejournal.com profile] drpete met me at Kings Cross and we made our way to Islington, discussing trad goth bands and Young Persons' Music while we waited for [livejournal.com profile] margotmetroland in the pub. She arrived in time for a quick glass of wine, and then we followed the growing trickle of people in Oysters T-shirts to the Union Chapel. The gig was all kinds of excellent: the venue, the support act ( Dan Mangan, who was a jolly nice chap) and obviously the Oysters themselves. This year, I did not cry over any crap Welsh seaside towns, which I'm sure came as a huge relief to Moz and Pete. After a traditional last chorus of Put Out The Lights, they, er, turned some of the lights back on and it was time to go home.

Unlike usual, Moz and I managed not to stay up for the entire night putting the world to rights and we went to bed at a relatively respectable 1.30am. Just as well, because in order to get a train that did not take three and a half hours to complete the two hour journey, I had to be at Kings Cross at 10am.

The journey home turned out to be an exercise in reminding of everything I hate about public transport. The train was packed leaving London, and although it looked like things were going to get more peaceful at the first stop, the man who sat down opposite me seemed utterly determined to engage me in conversation. I am rarely interested in making small talk with random strangers on trains, especially not when I would prefer to be asleep, and especially especially not when they are carrying copies of the Daily Fail. Things got even worse after the train stopped a second time, and filled up with race-goers in cheap suits and obnoxious perfume. I was very, very glad to get off the train half an hour later, and into Ed's car, where Tia greeted me as though I had been away for decades.

After we had collected K from my mum's, I finally got chance to watch last night's one off TV drama The Song of Lunch. In case you missed it, it was basically 50 minutes of Alan Rickman reading a poem on a voice-over, while acting it out alongside Emma Thompson. It was all lingering looks over Italian food and dwelling on past regrets. I can't imagine a more perfect piece of television, or at least, not one that could be shown on a mainstream channel before the watershed. Hopefully there will be news of a DVD release soon, or I will not get anything done at all this week as I will be forced to keep watching it until it is removed from iPlayer.

I had vague intentions of going to Darklands tonight but I'm tired and I'm saving my corsets for Whitby, so we're watching Doctor Who repeats instead. Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow but I suspect we may end up heading back to Swinsty Reservoir to give Tia another swimming lesson.
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I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was one of my most eagerly anticipated movies of all time. This instalment was one of my favourite in the series, and since there are no more books to look forward to I've become more enthusiastic about the films, especially as Order of the Phoenix was so good. Add to this the fact that the eight month delay in the film's release meant that it has been two years since we had anything new from the world of Hogwarts, and I was pretty damned excited.

A more in-depth review, full of spoilers )

Take Five.

Feb. 20th, 2009 02:18 pm
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I have often said that the reason I have never written fiction is because I lack the imagination, and as my recent silence might imply, I am now having the same problem with LJ. Thankfully, a meme has emerged whereby you invite your friends to give you five topics to write about, and this is what [livejournal.com profile] tga selected for me. You know what to do if you want five of your own.

TV talk shows, cars, lesbians, movies and Alan Rickman. Does that sound like the recipe for a good night out? )
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[Watching Die Hard. Hans Gruber appears for the first time]

Ed: I bet you wish he looked like that now.*

Me: I wish you looked like that now!**

Ed: I'm not sure I could pull off Alan Rickman.

Me: !&*!!@!***

*Apparently I misheard this and Ed actually said "I bet he wishes he looked like that now", but my version is funnier.
**I thought he rather asked for that but it doesn't work quite so well without the mishearing.
**Extraordinarily hard to pronounce.
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I have finally seen Sweeney Todd, which was simultaneously brilliant and desperately annoying. It was typical Burton fayre, but left me with the impression that Jack Sparrow had accidentally stumbled into a Death Eaters' fancy dress party along with the singing demon from the Once More With Feeling episode of Buffy. On a shallow level - and let's be honest, that's why I went to see it - Alan Rickman is still sex on the best legs in English cinema, and the blatantly homoerotic scenes between him and Le Depp more than make up for the uninspiring songs.
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HOW have so many people been to see Sweeney Todd already when it isn't out up here until Thursday?! This is totally unfair! We were free all weekend as well as tonight and tomorrow, but we can't go and see it now until next Monday at the earliest.

It's grim up north. I hate it.
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