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  • Recent general election resulting in change of administration: check
  • Tory government impose dramatic and sweeping spending cuts resulting in job losses, demonstrations and riot: check
  • Fashion shops full of stiletto boots, batwing sweater dresses and leopard print: check
  • Boys* get this for their birthdays: check
  • High streets full of punks and people promoting The Socialist Worker: check
  • Crimpers gaining popularity on the Goth scene**: check
  • Announcement of Royal Wedding and national holiday: check

    Is this Gene Hunt's Cop Narnia or have we actually slid through a wormhole to thirty years in the past?

    *Ed, from my mum. I am dead of envy.
    **If WGW, which seemed to have rejected woolly hair extensions and dayglo trousers in favour of extra strength Elnett and black was anything to go by! Hoorah!
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    "We'd like to congratulate Joe and Simon for having the number two single in the UK"

    So, young people of Britain, what are we going to make next year's Christmas number one?

    You can listen to the announcement here if you want a warm glow of amusement on this freezing night.
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    Gordon Brown wants to be Heathcliff.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Having a borderline personality disorder and a tenuous relationship with personal hygeine does not suggest - to anyone other than naive teenage girls who spend too much time in graveyards - that you are a beautiful, tortured soul, it suggests that you are a potentially violent, self-indulgent psycho in need of a good wash. It is a singularly unappealing quality in a potential boyfriend, so when adopted by a major world leader it becomes frankly terrifying. Is our esteemed Prime Minister trying to imply that he has been haunted into insanity by the mistakes of his past and the ghost of his spoilt little upstart of an ex-girlfriend, or did he perhaps he bump off her alcoholic brother when no-one was looking in order to cheat her nephew out of his inheritance? Either way, bit of a PR shot in the foot, non? Perhaps he should have read the book first.

    What other premier public figures can be compared to notorious literary anti-heroes, viewers?
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    Eye-popping news story of the day in which twins, adopted separately at birth, met and married years later. Raises some interesting issues about adoption/donor insemination etc, but once you get past the shock horror factor I think it might be quite interesting from a psychological perspective too. Were they drawn together in the first place because of their unknown relationship, or does this cast doubt on the idea that twins share some sort of subconscious bond even when they have not grown up together? Making inappropriately light of the situation as usual, I would like to know how similar they are physically, because how much more narcissistic can you get than marrying your own twin?

    A couple of people have reminded me that they are waiting for my rant about Mistresses. I'm afraid those people are going to be waiting a long time, because believe it or not, I enjoyed it. Yes, it was completely predictable, but it was well-acted and generally likeable and as such, strangely comforting. The fact that it desperately wants to be sexy and dangerous when in fact it's about as risqué as a cucumber sandwich just makes it all the more endearing. Sorry.

    Bored Now

    Feb. 20th, 2006 07:52 pm
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    I do wish the meeja would shut the hell up about bird flu.

    As causes of tabloid health scares go, it's really not up there with necrotising fasciitis, is it?
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