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The Oysterband are making my daughter laugh a lot.

She is convinced that in the song We Shall Come Home they are singing

"Wild wood, setting sun, it makes your hamster tremble"*

So of course since she pointed this out, this is what I hear too.

Help rid me off this earworm and share with me your favourite misheard lyrics, viewers, but try to be more original than "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy" because we've all heard that.

**It's actually "makes your hands to tremble" which is such arcane phraseology I'm not surprised K got it wrong.
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Tia and I have just been to her training class and now I am too tired to come up with anything witty or conversational for Save Livejournal Month, so instead, here is a picture of some cool toadstools we found on Saturday.

Now bring on the comments, biatches!
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This week's meme of choice is "F*ck, chuck or marry", in which participants invite their friends to give them three names between which they have to choose who to hitch, who to ditch and who to... erm... have a one night stand with*. [livejournal.com profile] jfs nominated Richard the Lionheart, Robin Hood and Guy of Gisburn for me and said I could choose which interpretation of the legend the latter two came from. I'm going with Robin of Sherwood, though my choices for f*ck and chuck would be reversed if I opted for that Robin Hood(ie) rubbish my darling daughter informs me is now back on TV. My userpic should be sufficient explanation.

Anyway, in the case of Robin of Sherwood, who to chuck is a complete no-brainer. Gisburn looks passably dashing in his armour, but he is boorish, misogynistic, arrogant, selfish and none too bright. No thank you. This leaves King Richard I and Robin. Robin is romantic, loving, witty and heartstoppingly beautiful, but he's also reckless, has a bit of a hero complex, and let's face it, he's a bloody hippy. The novelty of living rough would wear off the minute he started talking to trees or it started raining or I found a snail in my bed or something. Richard, while lacking the tight trousers and floppy-haired charm of Robin, is the actual king. He is also purportedly homosexual and mostly off doing crusades and stuff so would be unlikely to trouble me much, leaving me free for the occasional illicit liaison with one or other of the outlaws if they wanted to come in from the cold for a bit. In conclusion, shed Gisburn, bed Robin and wed the King, and live happily ever after as long as he didn't find out. Do let me know if you would like to play the game as well, and feel free to leave me an alternative trio in exchange.

This afternoon has become unexpectedly hectic, as I did not find out until (slightly beyond, if I'm honest) the last minute that school closed early today and as such K and her friend E came back an hour before I was expecting them. Consequently I'm off to make Easter eggs and do other nauseatingly Proper Mummy things in a minute, but in the meantime I will leave you with my favourite comedy quote of the week, from my favourite tutor Dr BW. Talking of James I of England, he described his bad dress sense, lack of confindence and generally unimpressive stature, and commented that he might benefit from a change of image. No-one had the heart to correct him when he suggested that the unfortunate monarch should have "had a makeover with Wok". Being well on my way to uncool old fartiness myself I particularly love it when lecturers and similar people try to be down with the kids and get it wrong, so feel free to share your own examples of embarrassing faux pas, particularly if, as I know some of you are, you are a fusty old academic yourself.

*Suitably rhyming euphemisms on a postcard.
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I have just put three trays of pink cupcakes into the oven in anticipation of K's birthday party* tomorrow, reserving, as is my custom, a little of the mixture to eat raw, because I am a grown-up** and I can. Pondering on the fact that I still believe cake mix tastes better before you cook it even at my advanced age, it occured to me that this is just one of several youthful pleasures I have carried with me into adulthood despite being assured I would grow out of it. No doubt you lot have a few of your own, so with a little light Friday comment-whoring, we could probably compile a list. Here are a few to get us started:

  • Licking the bowl/spoon clean of uncooked cake mix
  • Swings
  • Unattainable crushes (though admittedly on different people)
  • Liking Monster Munch (my parents assured me that no-one over the age of sixteen would willingly eat any sort of pungently-flavoured corn snack, but I think they have already been proved wrong on that score)
  • Fizzy drinks (see above)
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Throwing myself wholeheartedly into celebrating Halloween
  • Kicking through fallen leaves
  • Leaving out a glass of sherry and a mince pie for Father Christmas, though I always insist this is for K's benefit

What else do you suggest?

*If anyone is thinking "didn't she just have a birthday a few weeks ago?" yes, she did, but we postponed her party until her granny got back from holiday.
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This morning I have had occasion to contact Norwich Union on the telephone. Never the most enjoyable of tasks, but sweetened a little by the unusually pleasing choice of on hold music: Friday I'm in Love by The Cure. Drawing attention to this on Facebook prompted [livejournal.com profile] gothadh to ask whether it was in honour of the fact that today is Friday, or whether they have it all the time. I will probably have to call them again on Monday and will report my findings in due course, but in the meantime, with what music do you think Norwich Union might soothe their impatient callers on the other days of the week? I can think of one (either highly appropriate or very poor taste considering it is an insurance company) example for Saturday, one Sunday, at least four for Monday and one Tuesday, but after that I draw a blank. Tell me your days of the week songs, particularly if they have Wednesday or Thursday in the title!
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Following on from last week's incident* in which I called Neil Morrissey a tosser, have any of you ever said anything rude to a celebrity, viewers? If so, what? If not, what would you like to say?

Ronnie Barker asked my mum to get out of the way once, but he was quite polite about it and said 'please'.

*Friends locked, due to other details, but basically I called Neil Morrissey a tosser for being an inconsiderate driver.
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Last night Ed and I went on a shopping expedition which involved visiting various outlets on the Monks Cross retail park. As we were leaving PC World (don't ask) to return to our vehicle we were alarmed by two sets of heavy footsteps coming very close up behind us. Instinctively, I gripped my handbag a little tighter, but when the inevitable command to hand over our cash came, it was uttered in such a timid and insipid voice, and preceeded by such a stumbling "Um...." that I was ready to laugh in our would-be attacker's face. Of course, when I did turn round, the teenage boy who had spoken turned out not to be wearing a hoodie, but a neat sixth-formerish kind of outfit and glasses, and his feeble "um... give us money" was apparently addressed not to us but to the father who accompanied him. I was embarrassed by my paranoia until we got back to the car and Ed admitted that his reaction to the demand was exactly the same: a moment of panic at the thought we might be being threatened, before the dawn of the realisation that if we were, we were facing the World's Crappest Mugger and we could probably just hit him or threaten to tell his mum. Have you any tales of inept potential criminals to share with the rest of us, viewers?


Feb. 4th, 2008 08:16 am
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Wasting much of my weekend aimlessly clicking on the Facebook film review feature, it occured to me that my taste in films has always been a little out of step with that of my peer group. The earliest example of this was observed when, at the tender age of six, I made my dad and brother leave the back to back showing of Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back after falling asleep due to boredom and waking up fractious and uncomfortable. Admittedly when I finally saw the films again some seventeen years later I enjoyed them a lot more, but the precedent was set.

Behind the nice cut tag you will find a lovely poll which lists some of the films over which opinion has been divided (that is to say, my opinion has been divided from that of most people I know) by way of an experiment to see if my taste really is as odd as it appears to be.

Box Ticking the way it used to be )
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Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] teqkiller's post and the general run of Facebook-related nostalgia, here is a poll about the most ubiquitous UK pub franchise of the mid/late nineties.

Ticky Firkin Box )

Aaah, memories. I even called my first rat Firkin. He used to steal digestive biscuits and run up the stairs trying to carry a whole one in his mouth. I miss him.

ETA: A point for anyone who can remember the Latin slogan on the beer mats, and another for anyone who can provide an accurate English translation.
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Black is white: discuss.
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