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I bottled on the Blackbeard's Tea Party gig because no-one I knew seemed to be going. Instead, Ed and I are going to the cinema to see Mr Nice.

I was quite shocked to discover today, upon adding another name to the list, that I have blocked thirteen people on Facebook. I didn't realise I had so many enemies! Mind you, I have over four hundred people on my friends list and I certainly wouldn't describe all of them as friends in real life, and to be fair there are only one or two people amongst the thirteen that I would actively like to push into the path of an out-of-control combine harvester, but even so, I am a little uncomfortable with the number.

How many people on your block lists, viewers? Who are they and what are they doing there?
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Actually, I don't know what it's for, but I'm pretty sure the answer is NOT "discussing how long it takes dog shit to turn white with someone you used to go out with in the nineties and his previous partner with whom neither of you were on speaking terms at the time".

What's the most random encounter you've had on Facebook, viewers?
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"We'd like to congratulate Joe and Simon for having the number two single in the UK"

So, young people of Britain, what are we going to make next year's Christmas number one?

You can listen to the announcement here if you want a warm glow of amusement on this freezing night.
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