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I bottled on the Blackbeard's Tea Party gig because no-one I knew seemed to be going. Instead, Ed and I are going to the cinema to see Mr Nice.

I was quite shocked to discover today, upon adding another name to the list, that I have blocked thirteen people on Facebook. I didn't realise I had so many enemies! Mind you, I have over four hundred people on my friends list and I certainly wouldn't describe all of them as friends in real life, and to be fair there are only one or two people amongst the thirteen that I would actively like to push into the path of an out-of-control combine harvester, but even so, I am a little uncomfortable with the number.

How many people on your block lists, viewers? Who are they and what are they doing there?
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Here is a video of Tia from yesterday, to prove she really can swim. She tried to practice her new-found skills in several muddy puddles on her walk this afternoon, but succeeded only in making herself soggy and smelly. I see a bath in her immediate future.

[livejournal.com profile] ladynina requested a review of Made in Dagenham which we watched last night. I'm not going to write one, because I suck at positive reviews and it was really good, especially Miranda Richardson and Bob Hoskins. I recommend you all go and see it and then you can write your own.
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Hello viewers!

I am finally going back to university tomorrow and I intended to devote this morning to writing about What I Did On My (absurdly long) Holidays, but I'm afraid vanity got the better of me and I've decided to go and have my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed instead, so I only have time to talk about the weekend.

I have boasted widely over the past couple of years about the fact that, with the help of [livejournal.com profile] kissmeforlonger, I was finally able to overcome my lifelong fear of spiders. My new-found tolerance of our eight-legged friends was tested to the limit on Saturday morning, however. Those of a squeamish disposition may prefer to skip the next bit. )

(Arachnophobes, you're safe to come back now)

Despite this inauspicious start, we had a busy and enjoyable weekend consisting of much decluttering and cleaning, buying a present for our new nephew (Ed's sister had her third child on Friday night) and watching Dorian Gray at the cinema. I wasn't expecting much from the film at all, but it was actually very enjoyable, and if the idea of lots of soft-focus shagging in (and out of) opulent Victorian costumes, interspersed with spooky sound effects, foreboding shadows and seedy Whitechapel gin palaces is your thing, I urge you to go and see it. Even if you haven't read the book in decades, or indeed at all, it is easy to spot which bits of the script are genuine Wildean wit and smartarse-ness: almost all of them are spoken by Colin Firth, for starters. I was a bit shocked to discover, upon consulting IMDb when I got home, that the film's baby-faced lead actor Ben Barnes is actually twenty-eight and can only conclude that he's got his own decaying portrait stashed away in an attic somewhere.

Last night, in the light of his recent demise, was a bit of a Swayzefest on TV and thanks to Facebook tip-offs I managed to catch most of Dirty Dancing and Point Break. The former inspired a poll question and the latter an alarming desire for cock-rock and the smell of neoprene. It also reminded me that I really need to get my arse into gear about booking my choice of holiday destination for next year.

Poll here. Mentions creepy-crawlies )
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I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was one of my most eagerly anticipated movies of all time. This instalment was one of my favourite in the series, and since there are no more books to look forward to I've become more enthusiastic about the films, especially as Order of the Phoenix was so good. Add to this the fact that the eight month delay in the film's release meant that it has been two years since we had anything new from the world of Hogwarts, and I was pretty damned excited.

A more in-depth review, full of spoilers )
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Ed is on leave from work and K has been out for the day. Being a bit knackered and put off the idea of going out by the cold, we have spent most of today watching DVDs. These included, for the first time in nearly twenty years in my case, St Elmo's Fire.

I know it's not a documentary, but... )

Mamma Mia!

Jul. 22nd, 2008 11:08 pm
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While seemingly everyone else was watching Bonekickers, which I had intended to see but following scathing reviews by so many of you lot I probably won't bother now, Ed and I went to the cinema to see Mamma Mia. I suppose I've always quite liked most Abba songs, with the exception of Dancing Queen which has been overplayed far beyond reasonable tolerance, but I would never have considered myself a particular fan and don't actually own any of their stuff, so I was quite surprised at how much of it I found myself singing along to. It is completely shallow and fluffy and silly, but it doesn't try to be anything else. None of the six 'grown ups' even pretend to be able to sing, but that doesn't matter because they're clearly all having such a good time. I have come home still grinning and singing Waterloo in my head and wanting to go and dance around a Greek island. If you need cheering up and the idea of sitting through a medley of Abba hits doesn't fill you with a murderous rage, I highly recommend you go and see it. I defy you not to leave the cinema smiling.


Feb. 4th, 2008 08:16 am
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Wasting much of my weekend aimlessly clicking on the Facebook film review feature, it occured to me that my taste in films has always been a little out of step with that of my peer group. The earliest example of this was observed when, at the tender age of six, I made my dad and brother leave the back to back showing of Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back after falling asleep due to boredom and waking up fractious and uncomfortable. Admittedly when I finally saw the films again some seventeen years later I enjoyed them a lot more, but the precedent was set.

Behind the nice cut tag you will find a lovely poll which lists some of the films over which opinion has been divided (that is to say, my opinion has been divided from that of most people I know) by way of an experiment to see if my taste really is as odd as it appears to be.

Box Ticking the way it used to be )
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I have finally seen Sweeney Todd, which was simultaneously brilliant and desperately annoying. It was typical Burton fayre, but left me with the impression that Jack Sparrow had accidentally stumbled into a Death Eaters' fancy dress party along with the singing demon from the Once More With Feeling episode of Buffy. On a shallow level - and let's be honest, that's why I went to see it - Alan Rickman is still sex on the best legs in English cinema, and the blatantly homoerotic scenes between him and Le Depp more than make up for the uninspiring songs.
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HOW have so many people been to see Sweeney Todd already when it isn't out up here until Thursday?! This is totally unfair! We were free all weekend as well as tonight and tomorrow, but we can't go and see it now until next Monday at the earliest.

It's grim up north. I hate it.
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