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"Yourself" is a reflexive pronoun. Its only appropriate use is to refer back to the subject.

Eg: "If you use it in any other context, you make yourself look a fuckwit".
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Thickypedia n.

A person who goes out of their way to prove their spurious knowledge and experience in any subject for which one expresses or demonstrates a passing interest, thereby drawing attention to their own insecurity and ignorance.

eg: That annoying kid from Johnny Briggs who prefixed every statement with "My mother (who's a nurse)..."
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What happens when people* of different non-mainstream sexualities get involved with one another. Have a spork or two on standby if you intend to follow this link.

*And modern-thinking, open minded, sexually adventurous horses.

I think I will go back to watching Torchwood. In comparison, it seems almost sane.
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It is symptomatic of having a large friends list (definitely a misnomer) that some people on it will not get along with others. I used to believe that, if I liked enough about two individuals to consider them my friends, then they should have enough common ground to get along with one another. Of course, I was disabused of this ridiculously naive notion as soon as one of my friends began to expect me to tolerate the company of someone utterly ghastly, and I accepted that sometimes it was better just to make discreetly different social arrangements so that conflicting paths do not cross.

Short of faffing about with filters and duplicating posts, which I have neither the time, the inclination nor the arrogance to inflict upon the harmonious majority of my friends list, this is not possible on LJ. I have often wished for an < ignore> command, both on LJ and in real life, but until one is installed, we have the choice of either pretending not to notice when frightful people put themselves about on otherwise respectable journals, or arguing with them if they say something really rubbish. Making not-very-cryptic digs on mutual friends lists is Just Not Cricket.

Of course, I'm not averse to a bit of drama and I'll whore for comments in a way that would make the most seedy Soho rent boy blush. If you want to have a flamewar on my journal, bring it on. I'll even hand out oranges at half time if you like, but for goodness sake, put up or shut up. If you think this is about you, it probably is.

In other news, I saw a bumper sticker yesterday on the back of a brand new 4x4 Mercedes Chelsea Tractor that read "Inheritance Tax Is Theft". Whatever would Monsieur Proudhon think of that?
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