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Michael Jackson wanted to make a Harry Potter musical! Fortunately, JKR turned him down, but imagine if they had made it?

Would the King of Pop have had to write new songs, or could he have ransacked his back catalogue? Man in the Mirror (of Erised) anyone? Or maybe Voldemort could sing Just another part of me when creating a Horcrux.

What do you think, viewers? What songs would you put in a Harry Potter musical, and what would you have Snape sing?
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I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was one of my most eagerly anticipated movies of all time. This instalment was one of my favourite in the series, and since there are no more books to look forward to I've become more enthusiastic about the films, especially as Order of the Phoenix was so good. Add to this the fact that the eight month delay in the film's release meant that it has been two years since we had anything new from the world of Hogwarts, and I was pretty damned excited.

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Jul. 21st, 2007 08:48 am
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Anyone who's already finished want to talk? Ed is still immersed so I have repaired to another room.

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Don't expect to get any sense out of me for at least the next week.
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Mostly about Book Seven, cut in case of spoilers, and out of respect to the large numbers of you who are sick of hearing about it )

As [livejournal.com profile] fakegalleons has become something of a dead horse, please feel free to have a wider discussion here. I need like minds with whom to wibble to fill the time between now and Friday night.
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and why I am not entirely impressed.


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Of course, now I've spent the last hour and a half writing this, I've discovered that my dear husband has said almost exactly everything I wanted to say only more succinctly.

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On balance, I think I am more horrified than excited by the thought of a Harry Potter Theme Park. Now, I admit that I have never been to Universal Studios, nor indeed to Florida at all, and my knowledge of theme parks is based mostly on a few trips to Alton Towers as a student, but in my experience a trip to one will inevitably involve the following:

  • Queues. At the very least for the toilets.
  • Overpriced and smelly hamburger and candy-floss stands, where one is always preceded by a family of seventeen non English-speakers trying to order something they don't serve.
  • Noisy and over-excited children.
  • Coach parties of pissed and sunburnt stags, hens or chavs.
  • Actually, just people. In queues. Being obnoxious.
  • Flies. Have I mentioned the flies yet? Well, there are always billions. But they're not as bad as the people.

I just don't picture any of these things in Hogsmeade, somehow.

As for the rides, well, maybe they're alright if you like that sort of thing, but I always find they imbue the same sense of slightly bruised disappointment as a crap shag with someone you've fancied for ages but whom you discover too late kisses like a slack-jawed Labrador eating a melted ice-cream. And where do rides fit into the Hogwarts Experience anyway, with the possible exception of the Gringotts rollercoaster?

My idea of a Hogwarts experience would be wandering through a vast, spooky castle in the Highlands of Scotland, with moving staircases, secret passages, convincing ghosts and the possibility of being taken roughly over a desk by Professor Snape. Perhaps they do things bigger and better and with less moulded plastic in the USA than they do at Alton Towers, but I still can't quite see them pulling that off in the summer in Orlando when it's forty degrees in the shade and Professor Snape is a slightly camp twenty-five year old with a toothpaste commercial smile who was too scared of flying to become an air steward.
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Cut, in case there is anyone left alive who hasn't read HBP yet )
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