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In Whitby and in deep disgruntlement. Way too many people and way too many cameras. It's very difficult to talk about how much better WGW was in the old days without sounding sneery and pretentious, but WGW was much better in the old days before it became a fancy dress photo opportunity.
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I bottled on the Blackbeard's Tea Party gig because no-one I knew seemed to be going. Instead, Ed and I are going to the cinema to see Mr Nice.

I was quite shocked to discover today, upon adding another name to the list, that I have blocked thirteen people on Facebook. I didn't realise I had so many enemies! Mind you, I have over four hundred people on my friends list and I certainly wouldn't describe all of them as friends in real life, and to be fair there are only one or two people amongst the thirteen that I would actively like to push into the path of an out-of-control combine harvester, but even so, I am a little uncomfortable with the number.

How many people on your block lists, viewers? Who are they and what are they doing there?
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I find myself troubled by the Jade Goody story. )
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People who think with their cocks will always be drawn to twats.
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