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Ha, well my poll answer was wrong and so was the forecast because it's snowing again now. Woohoo!
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I have sometimes heard it said that musically speaking, the 80s were over by 1988 when the top 40 became dominated by dance music and all the "proper" 80s outfits like Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and Adam & the Ants had gone into acting, yachting or institutional care. I think this view overlooks a particular set of groups from the back end of the decade who, due to the fact they wrote their own songs and played their own instruments, I feel it would be unfair to dismiss as "boy bands" despite their regular appearances in Smash Hits. With this poll, and thanks in part to [livejournal.com profile] moral_vacuum and [livejournal.com profile] foxy76's comments on yesterday's post, let us remember them.

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I couldn't be bothered to add any more poll questions, but who can name the front men of any of these bands? I could do five, but I bet there's someone out there who can beat that.

Edit: Shit, I forgot A-ha. Still, they're probably a bit early and I don't remember ever seeing Morten Harket in a hat.
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Bradford may not seem the obvious choice of destination for a day out, but in the company of some of my favourite ladies, I had an excellent time there on Saturday. The main purpose of our trip was a visit to Bombay Stores, where I bought fabric to turn into two dresses for various forthcoming weddings, and the others picked up various treasures in the form of make-up and sparkly things. In need of refreshment after a busy morning's shopping, we repaired to The Love Apple for lunch and gossip and cake. The nachos were as good as ever but I was a little disappointed by the chocolate and lemon tart and by the uncharacteristic absence of cheesecake from the menu. Saturday evening was spent in The Last Drop with various locals and one exile, thinking up new and inventive ways to annoy [personal profile] vin_petrol.

Ed and I had a rather different day out yesterday, making our way to the coast along with seemingly everyone else in the county. It was the first time in about a year that we've been inspired to go that way by the sunshine to find the sun still shining when we got there, as opposed to being cold and grey everywhere east of Fylingdales. We sat on the grass and watched the sea at Sandsend, having come to the mutual realisation that while it is very nice to be near the sea, beaches, at least in this part of the world, are almost always horrible. They would be so much nicer if they were not covered in sand, or at least, if they must have sand, if the sand were More Like It Is In The Brochure. It was still a very enjoyable afternoon though, and yesterday felt like the first day of summer. I love the way the night time smells at this time of year and insisted on going to sleep with the windows and the blind open, watching the sky change colour.

So far today we have been very useful and achieve-y, and between us have already cleaned most of the house, done two loads of washing and got them out onto the line. I even cleaned the windows in the kitchen for the first time I can remember, which is a little embarrassing seeing as I've lived here for almost four years! After lunch we are going to go through the bookshelves downstairs and take all the out of date atlases and IT books to the recycling centre. This evening we will reward ourselves by going to see Star Trek.

This week is half term for K but we're not going to be seeing much of her. She has been at her father's this weekend and is spending tonight with my mum so that she can meet up with a friend from her old school tomorrow. On Wednesday Ed's dad is coming to pick her up and take her down to London for a few days, where we will be joining her on Friday. Tomorrow night is pretty much the only time we will get to spend with her so we've just booked tickets to see Seth Lakeman at Buxton Opera House. I don't know how long this Liking Parents' Music thing will last: I wouldn't have been caught dead going to a concert with my parents when I was seven, although to be fair my dad's music of choice was usually military bands or opera while my mum favoured the likes of Cliff Richard! I shall make the most of it while it lasts anyway, and hope that by the time her inevitable rebellion happens, she will be old enough to go to gigs on her own so I'll never have to take her to The Pussycat Dolls or The Jonas Brothers or whatever it is children like these days.
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This morning I have had occasion to contact Norwich Union on the telephone. Never the most enjoyable of tasks, but sweetened a little by the unusually pleasing choice of on hold music: Friday I'm in Love by The Cure. Drawing attention to this on Facebook prompted [livejournal.com profile] gothadh to ask whether it was in honour of the fact that today is Friday, or whether they have it all the time. I will probably have to call them again on Monday and will report my findings in due course, but in the meantime, with what music do you think Norwich Union might soothe their impatient callers on the other days of the week? I can think of one (either highly appropriate or very poor taste considering it is an insurance company) example for Saturday, one Sunday, at least four for Monday and one Tuesday, but after that I draw a blank. Tell me your days of the week songs, particularly if they have Wednesday or Thursday in the title!
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I'd like to ride this bandwagon, I really would, but having finally managed to wrestle the White Lies album from the unusually steadfast clutches of 7digital and given it a proper listen, for me they're not quite living up either to the hype or the little soundbites I had heard. It's perfectly likeable background music but it's not very engaging and I get the distinct impression I have heard it all before, mostly in between the dialogue of scenes in seedy nightclubs where everyone had Flock of Seagulls hair in eighties TV cop shows. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but there's nothing exciting about it. I do like the singer's voice, which I think has a slight hint of Julian Cope about it, but the album sounds like a collection of covers from the fantasy soundtrack of Ashes to Ashes. Having said that I still seem to be listening to it and I suspect it will grow on me.
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Kid Rock you are first against the wall.

It's bad enough that you are allowed to tout your sub-Summer of '69, cliché-ridden faux-nostalgia to unsuspecting radio audiences. I, too, remember the summer of 1989, it rained a lot, everyone wore dayglo Bermuda shorts and that interminable Black Box single was number one for ever. I would be surprised to discover that anyone of my acquaintance had spent it "making love out by the lake", and nobody, but nobody spent it singing Sweet Home Alabama because everyone was too busy doing The Lambada.

Yes it's bad enough that your Dawson's Creek nonsense has made me slightly melancholic for the sun-drenched, gingham wearing, Mid West teenage years I will never experience when all the "trying different things" anyone I know got up to took place in the privacy of friends' bedrooms under the gaze of topless posters of Morrissey whilst playing Charlotte Sometimes on repeat. Alright, we didn't have no Internet, but that didn't make us all unsophisticated, in-bred morons because most of us were reading Jane Eyre by then.

The fact that you have mashed up Werewolves of London in the process should have you thrown in the Tower and sealed within a soundproofed cell to die, die, DIE, alone and forgotten, where you cannot interefere with anything else that is sacred.
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