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Ha, well my poll answer was wrong and so was the forecast because it's snowing again now. Woohoo!
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Options for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights brutally pillaged from [livejournal.com profile] asw909's events list. Options for other things to do lazily lifted from 2003.

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Have I mentioned my hatred for The Apprentice? I hate The Apprentice. Unfortunately - and for reasons I cannot fathom - Edward loves The Apprentice, and even though he has offered to view it on iPlayer, he always ends up watching on TV. The wireless connection isn't working and the rest of the house is too cold for me to leave the room anyway, so I am watching it too.

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Ten days left of Save Livejournal month and I'm running out of ideas. Feel free to submit your own in the box below.
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In a moment of inattention during the lecture I have just been to at university, I found myself admiring my lovely new(ish) watch. Glancing around the thirty or so people in the room, I noticed that almost none of them were wearing watches, and of those who were, I was probably the youngest.

Here is a poll about watches, which is probably a bit dull and anal, but I'm curious )

*I know this isn't a word, but I couldn't resist the Spoonerist title
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I have sometimes heard it said that musically speaking, the 80s were over by 1988 when the top 40 became dominated by dance music and all the "proper" 80s outfits like Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and Adam & the Ants had gone into acting, yachting or institutional care. I think this view overlooks a particular set of groups from the back end of the decade who, due to the fact they wrote their own songs and played their own instruments, I feel it would be unfair to dismiss as "boy bands" despite their regular appearances in Smash Hits. With this poll, and thanks in part to [livejournal.com profile] moral_vacuum and [livejournal.com profile] foxy76's comments on yesterday's post, let us remember them.

[Poll #1631374]

I couldn't be bothered to add any more poll questions, but who can name the front men of any of these bands? I could do five, but I bet there's someone out there who can beat that.

Edit: Shit, I forgot A-ha. Still, they're probably a bit early and I don't remember ever seeing Morten Harket in a hat.
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First thing's first! Addendum to yesterday's poll, including various programmes I had forgotten about or which other people said I should have included. This way for the Tickybox )

I have been at university this morning and one of the topics that came up in discussion was whether, in this age of digital disposability, we would leave any records of our lives for the historians of the future to pick through and write dissertations about. I wasn't going to admit to keeping a paper diary in front of a room full of twenty year-olds, but there is one (several volumes worth, actually) and when I get round to it I might do a [livejournal.com profile] shewho and publish some of it here. Maybe in years to come someone will find my detailed accounts of Neighbours episodes of the late 80s, or rants about how crap the top 40 was in 1991 useful as part of a study of the popular culture of the day. Who knows, in a hundred years, someone might decide to base their PhD thesis on what the best rides were at Chessington World of Adventures in 1989 according to the opinion of a fifteen year-old girl.

Of course, there are other personal records: letters, medical details, Nectar points, even receipts from which people of the future could learn about us, which have inspired the following poll:

What will you leave behind? )

What I really want to know is what is going to happen to the Interwebs in the future? Here we all are, busily trying to save Livejournal, but exactly what are we saving it for? I've been rambling away online for well over a decade now, and ignoring for a moment the very important civil liberty/identity issues, I'm quite upset by the idea that there might not be a record of any of the long, rambling email conversations I used to have back in the days when it was a novelty. I would like to think there is a dusty old server somewhere that might still be storing the archives of long-defunct Hotmail accounts with cringingly cheesy goth names, but the idea horrifies me as much as it comforts me. Can any geek types offer a view on what might happen to all the nonsense we churn out? Should we try and download the whole lot now and store it away for posterity, or is it gone for ever?
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Yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] sparklielizard conducted a fascinating and highly culturally relevant survey into parental attitudes to television programmes aimed at preschool children. In the best traditions of the Golden Age of LJ, this is me ripping off her idea, on the subject of programmes for slightly older children.

OK, so it's not Snogging in Wetherspoons but it's still a big old Tickybox )

I'm afraid it's a bit biased in favour of CBBC because I am a snob and will not allow K to watch any of the ghastly, advert-driven American cartoon channels while I am in the room, so please feel free to advise me of any glaring oversights. I was discouraged from watching ITV as a child, you know.


Feb. 4th, 2008 08:16 am
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Wasting much of my weekend aimlessly clicking on the Facebook film review feature, it occured to me that my taste in films has always been a little out of step with that of my peer group. The earliest example of this was observed when, at the tender age of six, I made my dad and brother leave the back to back showing of Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back after falling asleep due to boredom and waking up fractious and uncomfortable. Admittedly when I finally saw the films again some seventeen years later I enjoyed them a lot more, but the precedent was set.

Behind the nice cut tag you will find a lovely poll which lists some of the films over which opinion has been divided (that is to say, my opinion has been divided from that of most people I know) by way of an experiment to see if my taste really is as odd as it appears to be.

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Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] teqkiller's post and the general run of Facebook-related nostalgia, here is a poll about the most ubiquitous UK pub franchise of the mid/late nineties.

Ticky Firkin Box )

Aaah, memories. I even called my first rat Firkin. He used to steal digestive biscuits and run up the stairs trying to carry a whole one in his mouth. I miss him.

ETA: A point for anyone who can remember the Latin slogan on the beer mats, and another for anyone who can provide an accurate English translation.
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Boobs! Football! Darth Vader! Poll this way )
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