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Having spent the weekend immersed in the Downton Abbey box set, Ed and I are total converts. We saw a trailer for it at the cinema just before it started and had every intention of watching it, but the adverts never mentioned a start date and by the time we realised it was on, the series was half over. People warned me that it was "a bit ITV" and "no Brideshead", but frankly, I think that is its strength. It reminded me of proper period dramas of yesteryear like By the Sword Divided or The House of Eliott, the former of which my dad used to describe dismissively as "seventeenth century Dallas", completely missing the point of its appeal. Even the venerable Maggie Smith commented in an interview on one of the DVD extras that one of the best things about it was that it was written for TV and not an adaptation, so it's not bound by a predefined ending and its starched collar-based soapiness could theoretically run forever. Hoorah! I can't wait for the next series.

Mooching about on LJ in search of a userpic featuring the Dowager Countess being imperious about weekends, or something, I happened upon this which quotes [livejournal.com profile] medusa and reassures me that having a crush on Mr Bates is not, as I asked Ed last night, a bit weird. It also makes me think I should write things when I think of them because most of the first half of that article had been in my head since the summer, long before the gentle thud of Mr Bates' walking stick as he struggled up the stairs to present the stricken Anna with a plate of sarnies and some dodgy looking flowers had even been heard. The idea had come from a conversation with [livejournal.com profile] gnomentum and others on Facebook about why Bella Swan should have chosen Jacob Black over the sparkly vampire, but I was going to cite most of the same examples, with exception of the Clive Owen character who clearly doesn't belong on the list! The writer calls them "strong men humbled", I was going for the angle of the underdog, but the hard luck heroes do it for me every time. Can we think of any more?

Other things we got up to at the weekend include a long, cold, muddy stomp around (and in Tia's case, in) Fewston Reservoir yesterday, and doing ALMOST ALL OF OUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING on Saturday! I even wrapped up everything we got for K's stocking and delivered it to my mother's for concealment. We still have a few bits and pieces to get but the worst is over and at this rate, I might even manage to send some cards out this year.
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Ed is on leave from work and K has been out for the day. Being a bit knackered and put off the idea of going out by the cold, we have spent most of today watching DVDs. These included, for the first time in nearly twenty years in my case, St Elmo's Fire.

I know it's not a documentary, but... )
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